Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ultima Thule - Skaldemjöde

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Anonymous said...

fuck you! ultima thule on a blog called up the fuckin punx
call it up the nazi bullshit instead

Anonymous said...

In response to the allegations of racism, the band has issued a statement on their website making clear they do not consider themselves racist, nor are they neo-nazis. In their own words,

"This country must ask itself about its mental health, when patriotic songs about Sweden, when texts from our history books, are deemed equivalent to racism. [...] We live in an increasingly shrinking and globalised world and in one way, it is important for people to know their own roots and for people to feel their national pride. If we Swedes are not allowed to show esteem and pride about our own country without being called racists, this makes much more difficult to show others respect for their own particular identity and singular characteristics. [...] We have taken note of our right to be proud of our own country and we do not tolerate some obscure publication linking our music with racism and Nazism." [9]

During a concert in 2001 some members of the audience made Hitler salutes. The band stopped playing to make clear that they did not want to be seen playing for Nazis.[10]